5 Techniques to Boost WordPress Site SEO


5 Techniques to Boost WordPress Site SEO

by ritik
March 28, 2023

1. Choose the best WordPress theme for SEO



Let’s be real. When you’re choosing your WordPress theme, SEO is usually at the bottom. I get it – the visual designs and interactions are much more exciting to think about when designing the website. Although it may be simple to overlook, having an SEO-friendly theme for WordPress is essential for the success of your website. These are my top picks for WordPress themes that are the greatest for SEO.Astra.\sGenesis.\sDivi.\sGeneratePress.\sOceanWP.

2. Choose Your Favourite Domain

When deciding on your favorite domain, you have two options: Non-www to www

Let’s clear up the confusion: Whether your preferred domain is www or not has no bearing on SEO.

On my own website (https://caremywp.com/), I don’t use www.

While constructing websites in the past, the www prefix was required.

The www version of your desired domain may be preferable if you are a larger firm with high site traffic. A CNAME record can be used with a www version to aid in failover traffic redirection.

3. Permalink

WordPress Website Maintenance Services  Which of the following two URLs is easier to read? What people seek can be found at https://caremywp.com  https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo/

The first option has a canonical URL that is more understandable and recommended. Visitors are interested in these kinds of URLs.

Also, maintaining a tidy and SEO-friendly URL structure may have a minor effect on your content.

John Mueller from Google stated on Twitter that “after the content is indexed, the SEO effect of keywords in the URL is minor.”

It’s worth it for the user experience even though you might only see a very slight impact.

Go to Settings > Permalinks in WordPress to modify your default permalink settings.

But, you are free to use a special structure in accordance with your preferences.

4. Switch on the breadcrumbs

Both novice and experienced SEO practitioners are aware that breadcrumbs are frequently forgotten, much like printing old Mapquest directions from the early 2000s.

It’s crucial to realize that I’m not referring to the breadcrumbs used in chicken parmesan. I’m referring to the kind of breadcrumbs you would find under the navigation bar or at the top of a website. Breadcrumbs may be added in about 5 minutes if you install the Yoast SEO plugin. Visit Yoast SEO > Search Appearance > Breadcrumbs > Enabled to get started.

5. Choose plugins that are SEO-friendly


Please refrain from installing plugin after plugin if you

happen to get plugin-happy. This is almost as unpleasant as seeing individuals overuse self-tanner (almost).

Adding too many plugins to your WordPress website will bring all of their baggage. Too many plugins can result in unneeded code bloat, hefty markup, and non-semantic code, all of which can slow down a page’s loading time.

Thus, keep things basic when selecting WordPress plugins that are SEO-friendly.

Yoast SEO.

Rank Math.

Checking for Broken Links.

Using WP Super Cache.

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