Site Care Features

The benefits of each of the features listed here are significant for any WordPress maintenance website. Whether using a free or premium theme or a custom-built theme, each one offers great advantages.


Free Website Hosting

All of our website maintenance plans comes with free hosting for your website. It is completely optional if you wish to use this or continue with your current host.


Daily Cloud Backups

Having a safe backup of your complete website is as essential as keeping your website live. Our backups are safely stored on Google Cloud and can be restored in case of site breakdown.


Daily Malware Scan

Without a good malware detection and removal tool, your website is exposed to a variety of threats. We have got your back with our system which keeps scanning the websites 24/7.


WordPress Updates

Update notifications in the WordPress dashboard looks simple to update but can break your website if not done without care. Here comes CAREMYWP maintenance team at your service.


Performance Optimisation

Cheap saving on website development can adversely cost you much more. A poorly developed website is slow and user hates it. We keep on working your website to make faster & faster.


Design Changes & Fixes

Adding a new page/post in your website or changes in the menu shouldn't be a daunting task for a business owner. Leave it for us so you can focus on your own specialisation.


Woocommerce Support

Do you have an online shop as your primary revenue source? It is important for it run smoothly, we help you with support for your online shop active on your WordPress website.


Image Optimization

Current web trends need a new type of images which are crisp and fast in loading. We optimize your website images to get better speed insights in your website performance report.


White Label

Don't want to see a new plugin in your WordPress website's admin plugins page or any name associated with us? You would be happy to know, all our plans are white label. No backlinks or else.


Free Tasks Estimation

Get free extensive quotes for your WordPress website's custom tasks. Get estimates for a new custom functionality in your current theme, a new theme or plugin development.


Support Desk

Submit maintenance tasks in your own dedicated a support desk account. Our team will start working on the requests as soon as you post them or get in touch with your for more info.


Rollover Hours

Our PLUS & PRO website maintenance plans comes with 30/minutes & 2 hours of per month website edit tasks respectively. Any remaining hours will roll-over to next month for upto 6 hours max.


Emergency Care

Viruses or hacks can still infect your website even with our system scanning it 24/7. A WordPress website hack can be quite difficult to fix but we do it for you on a one-time nominal fee.


Uptime Monitoring

We checks the availability and the response time of your website and publicly accessible infrastructure and report for any downtime if it for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.


Performance Reports

Receive a specially curated performance reports created just for your website. It includes all the updates made to your website like the WordPress core, plugins & theme updates.


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